Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Yeah today is finally saturday and I can't wait for thanksgiving! My family makes a beautiful spread. Our tradition is a huge antipasta salad which is in my family for over 30 some odd years, then my favorite turkey soup (how wonderful) my dad makes it with special italian pasta and the flavors of the turkey, next we have stuffed shells with homemade sauce with hand rolled meatballs that my mother makes (sooo good), and of course there's the turkey with all the general add ons you might find on a table. This year my mother in law is adding her special dish to add to the family table and that is potatoe pie! Have you ever heard of it? I never did until she made it once a while ago and I tastes it! It is out of this world! It's made I beleive with potatoes (duh!) and mozzerella cheese- tons of it!!! Well enough about me I would like you to share your thoughts and your traditions may they be big or small. I welcome your stories!

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